About Earl Shilton Baptist Church — More detail

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Our past

Earl Shilton Baptist Church dates back to 1651, that's over 360 years!

The oldest part of our current building was built over 250 years ago. The additional meeting rooms were added soon after and a kitchen and toilet block added in the 1960s. The main worship area was partly refurbished in the early 1990s to be the comfortable, welcoming and flexible space that it is today. For a glimpse of the old pews you'd need to climb to the balcony, although we normally only need to use this for particular occasions (such as weddings, funerals and child dedications).

Our present

We have a formal membership of about 60 people, and each Sunday around 50 people gather for the main worship service. Our regular attenders range from ages 4-87. Some of our older members are no longer able to join us week by week, but nevertheless remain members of the church community.

Our Minister, Rev Phil Drage, gives leadership to the worship and work of the church, alongside a team of "deacons" who oversee day to day matters, and many others also give leadership to different groups and activities.

Over the years our worship and meeting style has adapted and developed to connect with the world around us whilst also maintaining the Biblical truths of the Christian faith. Today worship happens in a structured but informal pattern, and the music includes a blend of older hymns and new worship songs led by a gifted music group. Services include prayer, Bible teaching and a time to reflect and to make sense of Christian faith in our world today.

Our future

It's our vision:

Over the coming years we are looking towards the redevelopment of our building and adjacent land, and for this to reflect the long tradition of Baptist Christians in Earl Shilton living out their Christian faith in their worship and in service in the community.