Church Membership

Although in Baptist churches we talk about "membership" the church is not some kind of club that you have to join. Anyone, and everyone is welcome to come and be part of our church. So what is the difference between someone who is part of the church, and someone who is a "member"? Hopefully, this page answers that question.

What's a Church Member?

Within the Baptist church, while the minister and deacons manage the day-to-day business of the church, all significant decisions have to be agreed by the people make up the church, who are represented by the church members. In fact, the Baptist belief is that this is the best way of finding out what God's plans are: for the people in the church together to pray, discuss, and when necessary, vote.

The church members are Christians who are committed to the work of their specific church, and to serving God in that church, and as such have responsibilities towards the church, and the right to vote at church meetings.

Picture of a chuch meeting

What does being a member involve?

Jesus told us that, like him, we should serve each other. Being a church member not surprisingly therefore involves serving the church in some way. This involves, for example, coming to church regularly when possible, using your gifts and abilities to help the church, praying for the church, coming to church members meetings when possible and supporting the church financially. Of course, you don't have to be a formal member to do these things, and we encourage everyone who comes to our church to prayerfully consider how they can get involved. But by becoming a church member you are committing yourself to serving in this way.

Also, church members have right to vote at church meetings and (after being a member for 2 years) to stand for election to the diaconate.

Who can become a church member?

Church Membership is open to anyone who believes in Jesus as their own friend and Lord, and who regularly comes to our church. Indeed we encourage everyone who fits into this category to join the membership.

When someone asks to become a member they are visited by another church member first, who will ask them about their faith, and talk to them about the responsibilities of membership. They will then report back to a church meeting and (all being well) recommend that the person be accepted into membership; this is then voted on. A new church member is 'formally' welcomed (with a word and a handshake) and the next morning comminion service they are at.

If you are interested in church membership, please speak to Phil or a deacon.