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As a church, our vision is:

Our purpose

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What’s a Baptist Church?

You may have noticed that there are quite a lot of types of church around. How is a Baptist church like us different from any other church? Well, mainly in how we are organised and how we take our services, and also in the way we do certain religious ceremonies. But we don't think of ourselves as more or less Christian than any other type of church, we are just all different in how we do things. A few of the notable differences which mark a Baptists church are:

For more information about Baptists, see the Baptist Union website.

Leadership team

Our leadership team is made up of Elders — responsible for the spiritual direction of the church — and deacons — responsible for the practical running of the church. At the current time we do not have a minister; however, we are being supported by our Moderator, Rev. Dianne Tidball.

We currently have a team of 6 deacons:

We currently have 2 Elders:

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Finding Us

ESBC is on the corner of Almeys Lane and Mill Land in Earl Shilton, opposite the Anglican church, whose spire you can see on the hill as you approach from Leicester. Our postcode is LE9 7AW and the map to the left shows where we are.

We have two entrances: for Sunday morning please use the main entrance (see the picture below), which has a ramp for wheelchair/pushchair access. For activities in the back rooms at church such as Lunch Club, Cancer Support etc., the side door is normally preferable but we can let anyone who needs disabled access in via the front door instead.

We have a car park behind the church, which is entered from Almeys Lane.Back to top.

Picture of the church with entrances marked